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SA Wins ALL-POINTS Team Trophy!


The team traveled to Augusta for the first time in many years. The return to the late-season regatta couldn't have fared any better for the entire team. The women's team swept the 8's winning the novice 8, lightweight 8, and the varsity 8. This marks the first win for the SA Varsity women in the better half of a decade. The Boys not only won the Lightweight 8+ event, but those guys took 1st and 3rd in the lightweight 4+ event as well. 



Girl's Varsity 8+

Boy's Lightweight 8+

Girl's Lightweight 8+

Boy's Lightweight 4+

Girl's Lighweight 4+

Girl's Novice 8+



Girl's 2-

Girl's Novice 4+

Mixed 2x



Boy's Lightweight 4+

Boy's Novice 4+

Girl's Lightweight 1x

Mixed 8+


Results can be found HERE

2016 Head of the Hooch in the Books!

With absolutely perfect weather, the SA women hit the water with lofty goals in sight. The varsity women posted an incredible 8th place finish (out of 73 entries). Not only did this mark the highest finish in 7 years (when the field was half what it is today), their placement ranked 3rd in the region. For this young crew (six underclassmen), they will look to the Head of the South in quest of the first SA Varsity 8+ win almost 10 years. 


This time last year, our varsity 8 was losing to cross-town rival AJRA's 3rd Varsity 8+. Well this year, our 3rd 8+ edged out their 3rd 8+ head-to-head; while beating almost 30 other crews! Our 2nd 8+ fell short of their lofty goals of finishing in the top 20, but they did improve on last year, finishing 4th in the region. Lastly, our Novice 8+ had a respectable showing finishing 12th overall. 


Other highlights include a 12th place finish in the Varsity 2x (out of 83 entries), 11th for our Lightweight 8+, and our pairs finished 13th and 18th in their field. 


The lone SA medal this year came by way of those novices. Teamed up with the boys, our Mixed Novice 8+ finished with the bronze! Our B pulled off an impressive 8th place finish. 


 With dangerous weather conditions in the forecast, this year's Chattanooga Head Race looked as though it would be cancelled. So in an attempt to still allow the race to go on, the race course was cut in half. Despite the windy and choppy conditions, this year's squad pulled off another great showing. In particular, the team brought home several medals:



Men's 4x

Women's 1x (A)

Men's Novice 4+ (A)

Women's 4x



Men's Novice 8+

Women's 1x (B)

Men's Varsity 4+

Middle School 8+

Men's Novice 4+ (B)



Women's Varsity 8+


In reflecting back last year's Chattanooga Head Race (CHR), the girl's team has made significant strides. This time last year, the Varsity Women placed 7th and 14th in the 8+ event. This year, not only did both squads improve, but the Second Varsity 8+ placed better than last year's Varsity 8+ with a 6th place finish; the Varsity 8+ missed the silver by .7 seconds. Both crews finished respectively at the Hooch last year despite their performance at the 2015 CHR. The team did not have a Third Varsity 8+ last year, so that in itself is huge. The group rowed well, despite missing some key players from their lineup. While no medals were claimed in the Varsity 4+ event, to have boats finish 7th, 9th, and 10th speaks the depth of the women's team. The Quad's performance was a nice improvement from last year, bringing the gold back to SA after edging out rival AJRA by 3 seconds. Lastly, our singles dominated the field by going 1-2 with our gold medalist 40 seconds in front of the next finisher NOT in an SA uniform. 


The Novice Women may not have brought home any hardware, their 5th place finish was two spots better than last year's squad. Two top-10 finishes in the Novice 4+ was the biggest highlight for this group. The Novice 8+ just a missed a top-10 finish at last year's Hooch, so now with a little racing under their belts this year's group looks primed to make that jump.


The varsity men shined with a second place performance in Varsity 4+ event; two places higher from one year ago. These guys will be headed north in less than two weeks to race at the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta. The Varsity Quad also returned the gold to SA; this is a one spot improvement from last year, and did so with an entirely new group of men. 


Lastly, the Novice Men made a statement this weekend. Not only did they come away with a second place finish in the 8+ (up two spots from a year ago), but to go 1-2 in the Novice 4+ event is an outstanding feat. We look forward to a dominating performance from them at the next regatta.

2015 Head of the Hooch 

Well, after the coldest start to this regatta and full day cancellation of events in recent Hooch history, we have much to be grateful for:


Tent City: In spite of record winds and rain just after set up and weathering the city’s sprinklers at 6am on Saturday (no were not kidding!), Scott and the gang managed to pull off another great weekend of warm, tasty, nutritious food and entertainment (just watching them heckle each other is fun!). This is a middayFriday-late Sunday effort for these folks, and we are always thankful for their time.


Parents and Parent Volunteers: Thank you to all of you for your flexibility, understanding and for entrusting the club to keep your children safe and productively busy on the down day when many of you were not there to be visibly assured that they were in good hands! And, once again we learned that many hands make light work! From everyone showing up (some as early as 5:30am in frigid temps!) and/or finding a replacement for those novice parents who didn’t make the trek over to NOT see their kid row (very wise) and in spite of the entire day delay of racing, we again experienced great parent volunteer support. From shoppers and cooks to tent city and Hooch Race volunteers (seemed like an SA parent on every recovery dock at one point Sunday afternoon?!?) we could not have asked for better enthusiasm and support for our parents- thanks for all you did this weekend and throughout the season!


Coaches: As you can imagine with the weather and cancellation of hundreds of races, there were a lot of last minute decisions which had to be made this weekend, including the ingenious idea to do an all-day fitness/scavenger hunt with the novice women on Saturday (a lot of energy to channel there!) to working hard on creative lineups in order to work many more kids into Sunday’s lineup than were previously scheduled.


Your Kids: As you might imagine, there was a lot of down time this weekend and much more freedom independence than many of the younger rowers had previously experienced. The coaches reported nothing but great teamwork and behavior. The hotel staff actually complimented the team’s respect and manners upon checkout- surely something to be celebrated with 75+ teenagers in close quarters for an entire weekend!


There were many great efforts in the cold wind on Sunday and some top 20 finishes that our young athletes can be very proud of! We also appreciate the understanding of the few understandably disappointed young athletes whose only races were cancelled on Saturday and who were unfortunately not able to be worked into the lineup on Sunday, due to the tightly packed schedule. They all handled this disappointment with both class and grace.


10/11/2014 - Chattanooga Head Race



WHAT A SOLID START to the season for the team, with medals on every squad, first race jitters out of the way, lots of water time and great support from parents in a soggy start to what turned out to be a beautiful, even a bit warm day! Whether you were there at zero-dark-thirty trying to keep things dry, making great food or packing things away, we could NOT have asked for better volunteers… I even heard a rower say thank you to their parent… how cool is that!?! (no it wasn’t mine!) Congrats to our athletes- rookies and veterans alike and thank you to our great parents- we couldn’t support our kids in this crazy-cool sport without you!


WEARING THE S/A T-SHIRTS made it so easy to find parents and other S/A supporters. This will get trickier in the cooler weather, but keep it up, our S/A presence was everywhere!


REMINDER FOR US ALL that hydration for rowers is essential on such a deceptively hot day (and even in cooler temperatures). We did run a bit low on water in the coolers in Tent City at the end of the day and we will definitely fix that for this weekend. In addition, remind your athletes to bring two full water bottles to drink on the bus and a spare for the way home. They should be also be loading up on water the days before and after a race… the day of is not enough.

The new Tents are here! It won't be hard to find tent city at a regatta anymore...
SARC Family:
As you well know the John Hunter was this past Saturday. Difficult weather often accompanies the JHR and this year was no different. Our LOC once again pulled off a great regatta under very demanding circumstances. A big thank you for our LOC and all volunteer help. Even our Intro to Sculling kids got into the act doing long shifts as stake boat holders!
Introduction to Sculling
Coaches Debby Swinford, Debbie Parker, Calum Swinford, Liz Barnett
Middle School Racing was added this year as new event. The kids enjoyed it very much and we look forward to future opportunities to showcase our growing program. We fielded two boats; older kids rowing in an 8+ and the younger ones rowing in an 8X. Our eight oared crew got off the line well and pulling hard gained themselves a good lead. Unfortunately, two crabs and a jumped seat slowed them down to a standstill while they composed themselves, allowing the other crews to pass. Our younger athletes rowing an 8X rowed hard and made a very competitive effort.
Well done Intros! Grow Some Muscles!
Novice Men:
Coach Mike Gibel
Men's 2V8- (c Noah Piper, Joe Stockert, Andrew Wright, Andrew Leigh, Max Shaffer, Jerome Yankey, Kevin Gage, Garrett Shipplett, Daniel Fitzpatrick). Despite heavy winds and rain, the guys were able to place third in their flight, besting many teams 2nd varsity boats, even after having 5 novices in the boat. It was a great first race for several of the guys.
Men's NOV4+- (c Noah Piper, Max Shaffer, Andrew Leigh, Kevin Gage, Garrett Shipplett). Despite even heavier winds, the guys were able to overcome the elements and get first place in their flight. The guys were able to handle their race well considering delays, and weather.
Next, the guys will race at the Dogwood, and will be training much harder, and picking up a lot more speed.
Novice Women:
Coach Dana Zakshevski, Hillary Levitz
The novice women were able to perform well in their first spring regatta (and first race, for many)! 
Our 4C tied for bronze in their race, giving spectators a great finish and proving that every stroke counts. In the eight, the girls were able to pull off a second place finish in their heat gaining a silver medal. Our last medal of the day came to the lightweight 8, getting another silver with a great race. While our 4A and 4B boats didn't medal, they put up a great fight and had good races. 
Great job to all of the novice women for handling themselves so well with delays and not-so-perfect weather! 
Varsity Men:
Coach Ted Swinford, Sean Gibel
The varsity men began the season in style with wins in two flights of the men's lightweight fours. They also combined with the novice men to form a 2V8+ which placed 3rd in their flight. The V4+ coasted to a 2nd place finish in the heats setting up a potential medal in the final. Unfortunately they were unable to capitalize on the opportunity finishing 6th. The 2V4+ was also 5th in their flight. Due to weather and other complications our lightweight 8+ was unable to get to the start for what would have been a good race considering our two wins in the lightweight fours.
Varsity Women
Coach Bridget Fowler, Eszter Bardi, Liz Barnett
The Varsity Women had a successful day racing in 4+'s. The Varsity 4+ (cox-Erin Hayes, 4-Sarah Podwojski,  3-Devon Erickson, 2-Riley Kerber, 1-Rebecca Kish) got the VW off to a strong start with a win in their heat, which advanced them to finals. Next, the 2V4a (cox-Morgan Waples, 4-Ellie Bramel, 3-Sarah Seippel, 2-Bella Pittaluga, 1-Isabel Castro) had a strong race down the course, defeating all crews by open water and coming away with a gold medal. Finally, the 2V4b (cox-Sarah Leftwich, 4-Kate Renkoski, 3-Jenna McDannell, 2-Estelle Haase, 1-Emily Ames (NW)) came down the course in 1st place, and managed to hold off 2 AJRA boats who were looking to challenge them, also coming away with a gold medal.

Notable Notes...



September 13, 2013 is the FINAL deadline to submit your US Rowing Scholastic Honor Roll applications.  You need transcripts as well as coach's and counselor's signatures so don't put it off! 


Join the tradition... SARC is always represented here.


Application information can be found HERE.





Congratulations are in order to SARC rowers Jessica Hatch, Brendan Larkin and Mason Childress!


Hatch and Larkin have been named to the USRowing Scholastic Honor Roll, an honor earned by only 55 student-athletes nationwide.  This honor roll recognizes high school seniors who have excelled in rowing and academics, are members of USRowing and have successfully competed at or above the regional level.


Childress has earned honorable mention honor roll recognition as one of only 73 student-athletes nationwide to do so.


SARC is one of only four rowing organizations to have three or more athletes earn this high honor.  There were 224 nominations from 94 rowing organizations.


May 4 & 5, 2013

Southeastern Regionals Regatta


Novice Women:  Despite the cold and rainy weather, the spring season ended on a positive note for the novice women.  The 4B+ had the best race they've had all season and looked great coming down the race course, rowing together with a lot of power.  The 4A+ made it to semi-finals, after finishing 2nd in their heat.  They had a great race, passing a boat in the last 500 meters of the race and finishing strong amongst the other boats.  It  was a fast race with a competitive time, finishing just out of reach of the finals.  The NW8+ also made it to semi-finals after a tough heat.  With soggy hands and wet clothes, they looked focused and strong as they came down the race course.  They rowed clean and together and made great improvemetns to their strokes over the last couple of weeks.  Even though it didn't feel like the end of spring, the hard work and time dedicated proved the end of the season's results.  The girls came together as a squad on and off the water, making it a great end to a wonderful season!


Novice Men:  The novice men's squad closed out the season entered in two events-the Men's Youth Novice 4+ and Men's Youth Novice 8+.  The 8+ (Celsea Tanasijevich, William Reiger, Brandon Sung, Jason Peacock, Dylan Tanasijevich, Will Zeiher, Joseph Andrade, Peter Bickel and Daniel Fitzpatrick) showed a very promising first 1,000 meters, but ultimately was unable to maintain the pace and fell into fourth place in their heat.  The 4+ (Celsea Tanasijevich, Jason Peacock, Dylan Tanasijevich, Will Zeiher and Daniel Fitzpatrick) showed a lot of poise and consistency in their heat, finishing second and progressing to the semi-final.  Despite the unrelenting rain, the Men's Youth Novice 4+ was able to push into the third place spot, securing themselves a spot in the grand final.  While they finished sixth, the guys were very pleased with their results and it was the first novice men's boat to make the grand final in the past few years.


Varsity Women:  We are so proud of the performance by the varsity women's squad at the USRowing Southeastern Regional District Championship regatta in Oak Ridge, TN, where we finished 4th overall (out of 43)  in the Southeast Youth Women's Point Trophy.  Our VW quad (Sarah Podwojski, Jessica Hatch, Meghan Nolan, Jennifer Parker) placed first in their heat, first in their semi-final, and first in their final by an amazing six seconds.  The second boat qualified for the invitational regatta is the women's varsity double (Sarah Podwojski, Jennifer Parker), who placed first in their heat, second in their semi and second in their final, being inched out of first by two seconds.  Additionally, we had several other impressive performances.  Our Women's JV Quad (Maddie Alvarez, Ellie Bramel, Mackenzie Jordan, Joy Thomas) placed first in their final by 20 seconds and raced a time competitive enough to be in medaling contention in the varsity quad event.  Our women's JV4+ (Erin Hayes, Joy Thomas, Estelle Haase, Rebecca Kish and Jenna McDaniel) placed first in their heat and second in their final.  Finally, our lightweight 4+ (Erin Hayes, Rebecca Kish, Sarah Seippel, Tiffany Moo-Young Maya Underwood) placed fourth in their heat getting edged out of qualifying for the final in an exceptionally fas heat by .05 seconds.  Their time, however, was the fourth fastest time in their event.  Despite the nasty conditions, we are so proud of all of these athletes!

April 13, 2013

Dogwood Regatta


This Dogwood Regatta, held in Oak Ridge, TN provided marvelous spring weather for our rowers and the legions of parents who attended.  Thanks for being a part of the SARC famly and supporting our rowers!


Novice Women:  The Novice Women did a great job this weekend at the Dogwood Regatta.  With three girls down, they were able to change their lineups and still come together to row their hardest.  All three boats-the 1N8+, 1N4+, and 2N4+ excelled in their heats and made it to the finals.  The 1N8+ and the 2N4+ both finished 6th in a field of 16 and 12 respectively.  The 1N4+ finished 4th out of 14, in a close battle for third place.  With every girl racing four times, they were able to go home exhausted and proud of themselves.


Novice Men:  Beautiful weather made for some great reacing on the Novice Men's squad.  With every rower in 2 events, the squad had a very successful weekend.  The first race of the day was the Men's 2nd Novice 4+.  The crew (comprised of William Reiger, Brandon Sung, Peter Bickel, Joseph Andrade, and coxswain Julia Neppl) placed third in their heat, just missing the final by one place.  Moments later, the Men's 1st Novice 4+ (comprised of Jason Peacock, Dylan Tanasijevich, William Zeiher, Daniel Fitzpatrick, and coxswain Celsea Tanasijevich) won their heatm placing them straight into the finals.  The two 4+s would combine efforts to row in the Men's 1st Novice 8+ (William Reiger, Brandon Sung, Jason Peacock, Dylan Tanasijevich, William Zeiher, Joseph Andrade, Peter Bickel, Daniel Fitzpatrick, and coxswain Celsea Tanasijevich.  They would come from behind to finish 3rd, securing themselves a spot within the grand final.  


In the afternoon finals, the Men's 1st Novice 4+ came from 6th place and sprinted to 4th place, just missing out on medals, but still beating our downriver foes, AJRA.  The last race of the day for the squad was the Men's 1st Novice 8+, where they received a 6th place finish in the grand final.  Overall, it was a great weekend of racing and the crews did a great job of racing well in each of their events, making the final in both the 4 and the 8.  The guys look forward to finding more speed these next couple of weeks as they gear up for Southeast Regionals.


Varsity Men:  Our 3V 4+ came in 3rd in their flight while the 2V 4+ came in 4th in the final.  Our 2X came in 3rd (Shiplett/Castro) and 1st (Devine/Larkin).  Castro continued on to place 3rd in ghe 1X while the 4X (Smith, Roach, Labouf and Smith) earned 3rd.  Unfortunately, our V4+ and V8+ did not make it to the finals.


March 23, 2013

John Hunter Regatta


The JHR was held in surprisingly wet and cold weather which was finicky even for March weather in Atlanta.  But our SARC rowers persevered along with all of our faithful volunteers to hold the regatta and complete races, even after a four hour delay!


Novice Women:  Even with harsh weather and long delays, the Novice Women were able to stay focused and ready for their first regatta of the season-and for some, their first regatta ever!  The NW8+ received a Silver medal in their race and kept their momentum in their second race of the day, earning a Bronze in both the 4A+ and the 4B+ races.  Everyone came away with a medal (or two) around their necks and are even more motivated for the next regatta.  Great job girls!!  You all did wonderfully!


Novice Men:  The Novice Men's Squad was entered in two events, the Men's Youth Novice 4+ and Men's Youth Novice 8+.  Despite the conditions and delays, the Men's Novice 4+, composed of Jason Peacock, Daniel Fitzpatrick, William Zeiger, Dylan Tanasijevich and coxswain Celsea Tanasijevich were able to secure a second place finish with only a length off of first place.  They posted one of the top times for the event, despite only practiciing a couple times.  With more practice, this 4 shows great promise in turning those silver medals into gold!  Later in the day, the entire novice squad teamed up for the Novice Men's 8+.  Coxed by Celsea Tanasijevich, William Zeiher, Dylan Tanasijevich, Jason Peacock, Daniels Fitzpatrick, Peter Bickel, Joseph Andrade, William Rieger, and Brandon Sung were able to secure a third place finish.  Although disappointed with their Bronze medal, they look forward to turning that into a silver or gold at the next regatta!  Overall it was a great weekend of racing and they did a great job getting their first sprint race under their belts while "weathering" the adverse conditions well.  With this attitude, they will continue to find speeds in both boats, while continuing their training for the  upcoming Dogwood Regatta.


Varsity Women:  Despite the weather, the varsity women had a successful weekend.  At the John Hunter Regatta on Saturday, the Women's Varsity 8+ coxed by Erin Hayes with rowers Sarah Podwojski, Jennifer Parker, Jessica Hatch, Meghan Nolan, Maddalena Alvarez, Mackenzie Jordan, Sarah Seippel and Maya Underwood placed 2nd in their heat.  Unfortunately, the poor weather conditions led to a condensed racing schedule, forcing us to scratch the VW8+ from the final in order for the VW4+ to be raced.  The VW4x with Maddalena Alvarez, Joy Thomas, Mackenzie Jordan and Maya Underwood placed 2nd in their heat; however there were no finals for the quad on Saturday.  The VW4+ coxed by Erin Hayes with rowers Sarah Podwojski, Jennifer Parker, Jessica Hatch and Meghan Nolan placed 1st in their heat and 2nd in the final.  Finally, the JV8+ placed 3rd overall with coxswain Maya Underwood and rowers Robecca Kish, Joy Thomas, Emma Niceler, Estelle Haase, Ellie Bramel, Nicole Reagan, Tiffany Moo-Young and Jenna McDannel.


After an exhausting Saturday, a handful of the varsity ladies came back for more racing on Sunday at the Lake Lanier Sprints.  The Women's Varsity 2x (Sarah Podwojski and Jennifer Parker) placed 1st in their heat as well as 1st in their final.  The Women's Lightweight 2x (Rebecca Kish and Maya Underwood) raced in the Junior B 2x category where they also took home a 1st place finish.  Jennifer Parker and Jessica Hatch raced in the Varsity Women's 1x where they placed 1st and 3rd in heats and 3rd and 4th in finals, respectively.  Finally, the Varisty Women's A 4x (Sarah Podwojski, Jennifer Parker, Meghan Nolan and Jessica Hatch) placed 1st in their heat and 1st in finals while the B 4x (Maddalena Alvarez, Joy Thomas, Mackenzie Jordan and Maya Underwood) placed 2nd in their heat and 5th in their final.  At the end of the day, each SA varsity women's boat medaled, with athletes racing between 1 to 9 times throughout the weekend!


Varsity Men:  Our Varsity Men's 4+ earned a 4th place finish, while the 4x received 2nd in their first flight and 3rd in their second flight.  Our lightweight 4+ received 5th in their flight while the 2V4+ missed the start due to the scheduling changes brought on by the weather.  The men had to regroup after illness forced Henry Smith to miss the entire regatta.  With the weather induced changes, Brendan Larkin had to leave before the final of the 4+; however Nolan LaBouf did an excellent job substitutimg for him.


November 3-4, 2012

Head of the Hooch


The "Hooch" is the south's largest Fall rowing event which takes place alongside the riverfront in scenic downtown Chattanooga and draws from a nationwide pool of competitors.  All SARC squads joined forces to support their teammates in scullng, sweeping and adaptive rowing events.


Women's Squads


Our VW Squad place ninth in the Women's Youth 8+, seventh in the Women's Youth 4+ and fifth in the 4X.  With two races under their belts on Saturday, Jennifer P and Sarah P achieved a formidable twelfth place finish in the Women's Youth 2X event.  Sarah P went on to finish seventeenth in the 1X race.  While our varsity "A" boats distinguished themselves with top ten placements, we are especially proud that our Varsity "B" boats and Novice Women's boats finsihed consistenly in the middle pack of their respective events.  These accomplishments reflect a season's worth of hard training and dedication.


Men's Squads


The Varsity Men rowed in almost all events with only the 2- without an SARC entry.  The Men's 4X is very encouraging, finishing 16th and 18th against programs with a longer history of sculling.  The Men's 4+ finished twenty-third and sixty-fifth.  The rowers in these boats then advanced to the 8+, placing twenty-sixth and forty-sixth.  Some of these rowers then went on to a third race in the 2X, placing twentieth and thirty-second.  On Sunday, the Lightweight 8+ placed twenty-third.  Our two entries in the 1X place, who had little practice time sculling, placed twenty-fourth and forty-fifth.  


The Novice Men 8+ kicked off the weekend by placing 13th in a large and competitive field.  They put together one of their best races of the season and closed the gap on our downriver rivals AJRA.  Some continued to race on Sunday, competing in the Varsity Lightweight 8+ where they finished strongly and beat some crews, including the AJRA Novice Lightweigth 8+.


Coaches and SARC Family


Coaches Sean, Ian and Michael received fifth in the Championship 8+, which was a heartbreaker as they were only 4 seconds out of second place.


Coach Ted's son Cal raced in the Adaptive 2X with a female partner against all male boats and earned Gold!

October 27, 2012

Secret City Head Race


The Novice Squad was on its own at this regatta in Oak Ridge, TN, leaving the Varsity Squad at home to train.  The weather on Friday was short sleeve weather with sunny skies and 76 degrees, but true to this location, the temperature changed drastically on Saturday, dropping 25 degrees, becoming overcast and windy.  Despite this, there were 11 novice parents in attendance to cheer on our rowers!


Novice Women


Despite the cold, windy and sometimes rainy conditions, our novice women were still able to row hard and have fun at Secret City.  The NW8+ came in 7th out of 13 boats, beating GPS by two seconds.  The NW4A and NW4B were both able to have competitive races while experiencing new challenging conditions.  They are looking forward to the Hooch and testing themselves even further!


Novice Men


The Novice Men's Squad kicked off the very dark and cold day by placing 7th and 13th in a very large and competitive field of novice men's fours.  Later that afternoon, the fours combined efforts to row in the Novice Men's 8+.  While they placed 6th overall in a very competitive field, just a few seconds faster would have placed them a few places higher.  As with the novice women, they learned a lot from the conditions and are eager to close those seconds at next week's Head of the Hooch!

48th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta Results

SARC once again sent two 8+'s to the 48th Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, which is the largest two-day rowing event in the world.  Although the temperature was in the balmy low 70's, the rowers had to battle winds of over 16+ mph along the winding course, which is often referred to as a coxswain's race due to the multiple turns and bridges through which passage must be negotiated at race speed. 


Although there has been a greater emphasis on sculling and small boats this fall, coxswain Erin Hayes steered the SARC Women's Youth 8+ to a 39th place finish out of a field of 85, which secures a bid for next year's HOCR.  From stroke to bow, the members of this squad were Sarah Podwojski, Jennifer Parker, Jessica Hatch, Julia Neppl, Maddalena Alvarez, Mackenzie Jordan, Meghan Nolan and Rebecca Kish.


Our Men's 8+ was met with fierce competition, and although they did not do as well as they hoped, their 60th finish with a time of 17:19 would have placed them 28th in the men's collegiate race.  


Aside from our 8+'s, Coach Ted raced in the Men's Senior Master's 8+ where he competed with other alumni from the University of California.  This boat, with a total age of over 400 years, finished at 17th, repeating its previous year placement.


Coach Sean competed in the highly competitive Men's Lightweight Single and despite the winds and waves crashing over the hull of his single, he finished at 20th.


The trip to HOCR is always one that has dizzying highs as well as crushing lows, but it is always an honor to attend this event which attracts over 9,000 athletes from around the world and over 300,000 spectators.

October 13, 2012

Chattanooga Head Race Update

 On October 13, 2012, SARC kicked off another successful fall season at the Chattanooga Head Race.  Facing tough competition from top Southeastern crews, our novice and varsity rowers rose to the occasion and represented Saint Andrew with flying colors. 


Women’s Squads


The novice women got their sea legs on the scenic Tennessee River during the Women’s Youth Novice 4+ race.  Later in the day, Jenna M., Mary R., Kendall C., Brianna B., Morgan W., Katherine R., Katie F., Shelby W., and Shelby B. accomplished an impressive fourth place finish in the Women’s Youth Novice 8+, crossing the finish line ahead of boats from Atlanta Junior Rowing Association, Atomic Rowing, and McCallie. 


With gold and bronze medals around their necks, the varsity women were no slackers either.  Madison P. debuted her sculling skills and in one fell swoop earned bronze in the Women’s Novice 1x event.  Competing in one of the most coveted events of Saturday’s regatta, coxswain Erin H. lead Sarah P., Julia N., Maddie A., Jennifer P., Jessica H., Kenzie J., Meghan N., and Rebecca K. to a third place victory in Women’s Youth 8+ race.  With coxswain Naomi S. at the helm, Joy T., Veronica R., Laura G., Estelle H., Ellie B., Reid S., Tiffany M., and Stacey C. also distinguished themselves from their competitors in the same race.  Our varsity rowers went on to test their mettle in the Women’s Youth 4x, a sculling event, and dominated the scoreboard with first, fourth, and sixth place finishes.  Exhausted, but ever-so determined, Erin H., Jennifer P., Sarah P., Julia N., and Jessica H. also brought home an impressive gold medal in the Women’s Youth coxed 4+ race. 


Men's Squads


In the first race ever for our newest men’s athletes, the Novice Men's 8+ achieved a respectable 4th place. They went on to row a second race, achieving 5th and 10th place in the Novice Men’s 4+ event.


The Varsity Men earned a very respectable 2nd and 3rd in the 4X showing that we are versatile and take our sculling seriously. We lost 1st to Chattanooga Rowing by 1:16; these guys are the regional champs and our first yardstick.


Congrats to Hunter Smith and Matt Cone on their first races in the 1X. These guys didn't get much practice for this event and yet finished very respectably at 3rd and 4th. Again, this shows our commitment to sculling and small boat prowess.


The men’s 4+ earned 1st and 13th in the 4+. The flexibility of the athletes in rowing a starboard stroke boat so well is quite impressive.


Our scullers earned 2nd while our submariners(!) got 6th in the 2X.  I am sure James and Robert Roach would have been placed higher than 6th place had their boat not had water up to the slides. Matt and Henry showed true endurance in their 2nd event of the day. Henry comes away with his 2nd silver of the day and Matt with a bronze and silver. Once again, this shows we are a threat in any boat throughout the roster.


The men’s 8+ earned 6th and 15th after a long day of racing, all the athletes in this event had raced more than once.


Saint Andrews Rowing Club is proud of the accomplishments of its athletes, and looks forward to many more victories this season.  We would also like to extend special thanks to the dedicated parent volunteers who made our attendance at Saturday’s regatta possible and ensured that our competitors stayed hydrated and well nourished. 


September 28, 2012


See how exercise can strengthen your brain!

September 12, 2012


Rowing-The Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make?

August 21, 2012 


Check out this AJC article on the growing popularity of rowing as an excellent work out.

Ergs are popping up all over, as fitness experts stress what a great WHOLE body workout rowing is.


This new gym is a first.  Opened on July 23, Charles Anderson (a GaTech rowing alum) founded Rowboat Fitness  (  Several other indoor erging locations are mentioned in the article including most CrossFit gyms and QuestGym in Duluth.

August 12, 2012  


So you've done pick drills, blade work, seat racing, erging and weights, where does that get you?  Check this out!

July 2012

Registration will be held in the Family Center at Saint Andrew Catholic Church on August 18, 2012 from 10AM-1PM.  Remember to sign up on the Ronin website before coming to save time.  The Ronin Racing (SARC Registration) link is in the left margin of each page of the website. 


In an effort to save on club paper costs, we ask that you bring the Registration Form and Code of Conduct with you.  Links to these forms are under the Registration Documents tab.



We’re very excited to announce that we have hired Ted Swinford to lead the club.  Ted, an inductee into the US National Rowing Hall of Fame,  has been coaching juniors, collegiate, pre-elite, elite (including US National Team), and masters rowers for over 25 years.  He was on the U.S National Team from 1985-1989.  He was a member of the straight four that won gold at World Championships in 1986 and bronze in 1987, and he was a member of the 1988 Olympic team.   As a coach, Ted helped start and grow the Sarasota Juniors program. 


Ted will be moving here with his family, in mid-August.  His wife and son will be joining him while his daughter will get a short introduction to the area before heading off to her freshman year at the University of Tulsa, where she’ll be rowing. (What else?)  The Swinford’s have family in the area and are veryexcited about the move.  


Please join me in welcoming Coach Swinford and his family.   The varsity men should all expect to hear from him in the very near future. 


If anyone has any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me.




Rick Podwojski, Coaching Liaison

Saint Andrew Rowing Club

2011-2012 USRowing Honorable Mention Scholastic Honor Roll.


Congratulations to two Saint Andrews rowers who were named to the USRowing Honorable Mention Scholastic Honor Roll. Nicole Assinni and Michael Schmit, We wish you the best next year!

2018 Calendar 



1/13 - Open Registration / Parent Meeting
           Family Life Center, 10:00am
1/15 - Varsity and Novice squads
           Practice begins, 4:30pm - 7:00pm
1/20 - SARC bowling party after practice,
            11:00am - noon
1/27 - Bring a friend to row, 11:00am - noon
1/27 - Meeting for the Curious
           Parent board info session, 11:00am
1/30 - Competitive Intro
            Practice begins, 5:00pm - 7:00pm


2/3 - Spirit Wear Saturday / Clean-up Day
2/10 - ACT testing
2/10 - Atlanta Erg Sprints
            Georgia Tech
2/13 - Recreational Intro
            Practice begins, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
2/19 - Fulton County - no school
2/19 - 2/23 - Cobb County - no school
2/27 - Spring Family Dinner, 7:00pm


3/9 & 3/12 - Fulton County - no school
3/10 - SAT testing
3/24 - 3/25 - John Hunter Regatta
3/30 - No practice, all squads
3/31 - Women's Team off


4/1 - Easter
4/2 - 4/6 - Cobb and Fulton Spring Break
4/2 - 4/3 - Women's team off
4/2 - 4/6 - Men's team practice 2x daily
4/4 - 4/7 - Women's team practice 2x daily
4/13 - 4/15 - Cincinnati Invitational
             for select crews
4/14 - ACT testing
4/14 - Run the River 5K &
            Team Recruiting booth
4/27 - 4/29 - Dogwood Regatta


5/5 - SAT testing
5/11 - 5/13 - Southeast Regionals
                      Sarasota, FL
5/17 - End of Year Banquet
           Country Club of Roswell
5/23 - Cobb County - Last day of school
5/24 - Fulton County - Last day of school


6/2 - SAT testing
6/8 - 6/10 - Youth Nationals
                      Lake Natoma, CA
6/9 - ACT testing

Text SARC2013 to 84483 to receive alerts from St Andrew Rowing Club.

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