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History of The Club

Established in 1988, St. Andrew Rowing Club is a program dedicated to developing, instructing and training the best youth rowers in the metro Atlanta area. Our rowers excel both as athletes and as individuals. We regularly compete at major regional and national USRowing championships, which has enabled a number of our rowers to earn scholarships and positions on the premiere collegiate rowing teams throughout the United States. 


In 1986, Georgia Tech started a rowing team with used boats and oars purchased through the Student Foundation. The team grew and in 1988, John Hunter became involved in the team. John Hunter was an ardent Georgia Tech supporter and loved the rowing team. He agreed to sponsor the GT crew on St Andrew Catholic Church property and fund the construction and maintenance of a boathouse.  Mr. Hunter worked with Reverend E. Peter Ludden to gather support from the congregation to make the land available for lease for the rowing center.  In 1988, the Georgia Tech Rowing Club received permission to build its boathouse on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, behind St Andrew Catholic Church.  

However, there was one stipulation.  The Church required that Georgia Tech also start a youth-only rowing club to address the needs of the youth in the local community.  The youth team was started in the fall of 1988 with great success. In 1990, the youth team and Georgia Tech separated with the youth team taking the name of the property—St Andrew Rowing Club—while keeping the black and yellow colors of Georgia Tech.  In 1989, the clubs co-hosted the first Atlanta Rowing Festival, now known as the John Hunter Regatta in honor of the vision and generosity of Mr. Hunter.

Our Accomplishments

SA has consistently performed among the elite programs at the regional and national levels including the following achievements in the last 10 years:

  • 23 Boats qualified for the USRowing Youth National Championships
  • 13 Boats qualified for the finals of the USRowing Youth National Championships
  • 3 Medals earned at the USRowing Youth National Championships
  • 4 Members of the US Junior National Team, the US Junior High-Performance Team, the US U23 National Team, and the US Senior National Team

Other honors received in recent years by SARC alumni are: four members of the high school scholastic honor roll, Women’s  Lightweight  Allā€American,  Big 12  Conference  Newcomer of  the Year,   a college sophomore named “Top 20 Under 20” in the country for male rowers by US Rowing Magazine, as well as several members of NCAA Championships and IRA Championships teams.

Advancing to the Collegiate Level

Over the years, SA has consistently invested in developing our rowers into top performers, giving them the opportunity to continue competing at the collegiate level.  We are recognized as an elite program by recruiters from the top schools and are proud to have sent our rowers to the best schools in the country, including:

Brown University

Emory University

Marist College

Stanford Univ.

Univ of San Diego


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical


US Naval Academy

Univ of Texas


George Washington Univ

Notre Dame

Univ of Alabama

Univ of Virginia

College of Holy Cross

Georgia State

Oregon State Univ.

Univ of Delaware

Univ of Washington


Georgia Tech

Princeton Univ.

Univ of Georgia

Univ of Wisconsin

Dartmouth College

Harvard Univ.

Saint Joe's Univ.

Univ of Louisville

West Virginia

Drexel University

La Salle Univ.

Southern Methodist

Univ of Pennsylvania

Xavier University