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Introduction to Sweeps and Sculls

recreational INTRO

Our Recreational Intro to Sweeps and Skulls Program is for those who wish to learn the basics of both types of rowing in team boats while working on conditioning and core strength training. Typically three types of athletes participate in this program:

  • Middle or high school athletes interested in learning how to row and want to participate in a non-competitive atmosphere.
  • Middle school athletes who love the sport and anxiously look forward to joining the middle school competitive or novice squad when they are age-eligible and deemed ready by coaches. 
  • High school athletes who love the sport but cannot meet the attendance requirements for the novice and varsity competitive squads. 

By improving fitness and flexibility, this introduction program is a great foundation for those interested in competitive crew in the future or in simply achieving and maintaining a higher level of athleticism. 

Practice Schedule

Our Recreational Practice Schedule will begin Sept 10th:
(Parent Meeting at 5:00 on the first day of practice)

Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm -7:00pm 
Saturday 10:30am -12:30am 


Our Intro Program also includes an option for 7th and 8th graders who would like to experience more intensive practices and conditioning with the goal of competing in at least one official regatta. 

Fall Season will consist of conditioning and training, and the Spring Season will continue to focus on technique and preparing the squad to compete in the following races:

  • John Hunter Regatta, Gainesville GA (March)
  • Other races may be added

This squad is an excellent prelude to joining the high school competitive squad. Previous rowing experience and/or a coach recommendation is required to join this squad.

For the Competitive Intro program, Rowers will practice:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:00pm - 7:00pm 
  • Saturday 10:30am - 12:30am

Practice Schedule

Our Recreational Practice Schedule will begin Aug 27th:
(Parent Meeting at 5:00 on the first day of practice)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00pm -7:00pm 
Saturday 10:30am -12:30am