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Varsity & Novice Squads

The SA Competitive Program is a co-ed program for athletes that are interested in, and devoted to advancing their rowing skills. Our Program includes both Novice and Varsity Squads.  Successful athletes are dedicated to rigorous conditioning training, are able to meet the demands of aggressive technique drills and are enthusiastic about training for competition against other clubs within the Southeast Region for a shot at competing in the National Championships. Within the competitive programs, rowers are expected to earn their seat in the boat, to be committed to consistent participation and attendance, and to invest in becoming the best athlete possible.

Our coaches are dedicated to the development of our athletes and expect all young men and women who choose to become a part of this program to match this investment. In return, our athletes become a part of one of the most successful youth rowing programs, excelling at both the regional and national levels, and attracting the attention of some of the most prestigious Collegiate Programs in the county. In short, our Competitive Program is perfect for athletes aspiring to carry on our Tradition of Excellence.   

Eligible athletes are 9th through 12th-grade with some exceptions being made for 8th graders that have participated in other rowing programs and have coach approval. These squads are for both new  and returning SARC athletes. 

Novice Squad
The SARC Novice program is for athletes interested in learning and/or improving rowing skills, strength training, and conditioning for competition. Eligible athletes are 9th-12th grade with some exceptions being made for 8th graders with coach approval. Basic Sculling is integrated into this program, providing an opportunity to train and compete at a Novice level in both disciplines. 

Varsity Squad
Varsity Squads are for the next level athlete who has competed for more than a year and is committed to more rigorous conditioning and training for competition. Eligible athletes are 9th-12th grade.  Advanced Sculling is integrated into this program, providing an opportunity to train and compete in both disciplines. 

Fall Practice begins for both Novice and Varsity squads on August 19th from 4:30pm-7:00pm.

  • Varsity Women - Monday through Saturday
  • Varsity Men - Monday through Saturday
  • Novice Women - Mon, Tues,  Thurs, Fri, and Sat
  • Novice Men - Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat

Saturday practice times:

  • Men 7:00am - 10:00am
  • Women 7:30am - 10:30am

Commitment and Behavior

Attendance Requirements – The SARC competitive program requires athletes to attend at least 90% of scheduled workouts. Every rower has a direct impact on the team’s ability to progress and improve throughout the season.  An unplanned absence has a significant impact on the entire team and may even cause the squad to miss practice on the water.  

Code of Conduct – The St. Andrew Rowing Club operates on the philosophy that all rowers and coxswains have the right to learn the sport of rowing in an environment that is safe and productive and is not filled with disruptive behavior by other athletes.  SA has guidelines for maintaining such an atmosphere during practices, regattas, and other club-sponsored events.

Proper conduct involves a close partnership between athletes, parents, and coaches.  All are encouraged to become familiar with the conduct categories and disciplinary actions.