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We are an elite Junior Rowing Club focused on providing our athletes with individualized
and training to ensure peak performance for competition.

With our Tradition of Excellence, we have continued to train hard and train safely during this difficult year.

As one of the only teams in Georgia to compete during the Fall Season, we have modified our protocols and training procedures to focus on keeping the team as safe as possible while delivering results.

We are the only Junior Program in the metro area with both a dedicated indoor training facility and acres of outdoor training area to ensure the best and most consistent training experience throughout the year. 

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HEAD OF THE HOG REGATTA:  This past November, our team traveled to Sarasota Florida and the Fall Season hard work paid off!  After implementing so many modifications to our regular training program, the team was determined to train hard and train safe.   And boy did they deliver results.  We cannot thank our parents enough for support the club and these kids, for rolling with the changes and for the long hours and long drives to keep these kids training this season! #SAFamily

Gold Medals
Women’s 3rd Varsity 8+
Women’s Varsity 4+
Women’s U17 4+


Silver Medals
Men’s Varsity 4+
Women’s 2nd Varsity 8+
Women’s U17 8+
Women’s Varsity 2x
Women’s Varsity 2-

Bronze Medals
Women’s Varsity 8+
Women’s U15 8+

ALL AMERICAN YOUTH INVITATIONAL:  In early November, our team engaged in a 4 team collaboration that resulted in a unique opportunity  to participate in a scrimmage down in DeLand, Florida.  Our awesome parents really stepped up and the kids had such a great experience racing for the first time in almost a year.  After implementing so many modifications to our regular training program, the team was determined to get back on the water. And it was such a great experiencing for the team. Thank you to all that made the long trip in support of their athlete's participate. #SAFamily

SA CLEANUP DAY:  This past Saturday, 27 dedicated SA rowers and parents got together to undertake one of the largest cleanups ever.  With flood damage from the past 2 Springs, COVID abandonment issues, and years of clutter building up, this job was not for the faint of heart.  Coaches, Parents and Rowers all joined forces to undertake the following aggressive goals: 
  • Cleaned out the Coxswain Shed and the Boathouse - disposing of 10+ yrs worth of old riggers, rags and trash.
  • Cut up and disposed of several boats that were so old, they probably would sink if they went into the river.
  • Dragged, pushed, pulled and cut 3,000-5,000 sq. ft of turf that has been washed into piles over and over. 
  • We cleaned out, organized and patched the roof on an amazing outdoor “She Shed” that is now ready for any new project!

A huge "Thank You" to all not only for making our facilities more appealing but for also making things safer for the entire club!

This entire team never cease to amaze - on the water and off.  We have such a truly special club, with so many putting their heart and soul into making it better for years to come.   #SAFamily

ATLANTA ERG SPRINTS:  SA rowers competed in the Atlanta Erg Sprints, their first official "race" of the season.  It was a great experience at the new location, with the team performing very well across the board.  Several SA Team Records and Atlanta Erg Sprint Records were shattered!!!   Next Up: Tri-Meets March 14th.

Women’s U19 Ltwt
1st - Jillian
*Setting new ErgSprint & SA Record

Men U19 Ltwt
1st - Alan
2nd - Phillip
3rd - Brian

Women’s U15
1st - E’LissaAnn
* Setting new ErgSprint Record
2nd - Ava

Women’s U17
2nd - Paris

Women’s U19
1st - Bri
* Setting new ErgSprint Record

Relay Teams
2nd - Bri, Jordy, Luke & Robert

Coxswains - Both Men's and Overall Winner
1st - Eric

HEAD OF THE HOOCH REGATTA:  SA rowers completed in their final race of the Fall Season in Chattanooga, TN at the Head of the Hooch Regatta.

online donations

St. Andrew Rowing Club is a 501c(3) non-profit organization (EIN 58-2149631).  We are extremely grateful for your tax-deductible donations.  You can donate directly through PayPal or contact our club treasurer to arrange your gift. 



St. Andrew Rowing Club is a separate 501c(3) non-profit organization (EIN 58-2149631) not affiliated with the Catholic Church. In 1988, St. Andrew Catholic Church allowed Georgia Tech Rowing to lease a small piece of their beautiful campus along the Chattahoochee River. As a stipulation for doing so,  a few generous Parishioner helped fund and establish the first Junior Rowing program on the Chattahoochee. 40 years later, we still enjoy a wonderful partnership with both the Georgia Tech Rowing Club and St. Andrew Catholic Church. We are committed to being an excellent steward of the property and area surrounding the river. We continue to fund the club through registration fees and the generosity of our amazing SA Families.